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(Military Spec)

This formula is a heavy duty, general all-purpose cleaner that meets the stringent requirements of the military specification for an alkaline, water based aircraft cleaner. Blended with effective anti-corrosion agents, it is safe to use on all metals including aluminum and its various alloys. Superior wetting and rinsibility combine to eliminate film, leaving a bright and clean surface.

  • Contains no phosphates or glycol ethers
  • Moderate foam
  • Excellent for application with automatic washing apparatus, portable spray units, foam, etc.
  • Shelf life 2 years in sealed container
  • Tested by Scientific Material International, Inc.
  • Conforms to AMS 1526 B, Cleaner for Aircraft Exterior Surfaces
  • Conforms to AMS 1550 B, Cleaner for Interior Surfaces
  • Conforms to Boeing D6-17487 revision L
  • Conforms to Douglas CSD #1
  • MIL-C-87936 A Type 1, Alkaline Water Base Aircraft Cleaning Compounds