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NEW IMAGE: 25% solids ultra high gloss and durability, acrylic floor finish.

DIAMOND KOTE: 18% solids high gloss, durable acrylic floor finish.

FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Highly responsive floor finish which is d esigned to be high speed burnished.

ASTRAL: A 25% high solids, high gloss finish that holds up under extreme traffic and repeated mopping & burnishing, extending the time between strippings.

418 TILE SEAL: Excellent undercoat to protect tile and give a good base for floor finish.

425 TERRAZZO CONCRETE SEALER: Heavy duty sealer with excellent gloss to be applied over Terrazzo, quarry tile, Mexican tile, brick, unglazed ceramic tile, slate, indoor concrete and all resilient hard floors

WARP SPEED: Heavy duty, multi-layer and super high speed premium acrylic floor finish remover. REDUCES LABOR TIME! Non-ammoniated. To be used with cold water.

RAPID RESPONSE: Fast acting, heavy duty , non ammoniated stripper. To be used with cold water.

MV 963 CONCENTRATE: Non-ammoniated, heavy duty, acrylic floor finish remover.

COMMAND PERFORMANCE: Dual acid cleaner formulated to remove dirt and soil from tile grout. Makes grout lines look brand new.

NO RINSE NEUTRAL: Neutral floor cleaner designed for maintaining hard floors with out dulling the finish.

WINTER CLEAN: This product is designed to remove the accumulation of salt and ice melt residue from building entrance floors.

CENTURION DUST MOP TREATMENT: Water based formula designed to enhance dust mopping.