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901-1 SPRAY KLEEN: Spray Kleen is a concentrated high phosphate degreaser containing butyl. Spray Kleen will quickly clean almost any surface with ease. Spray Kleen is particular effective at removing difficult grease, rubber and oil stains.

1050 ALL CLEAN: 1050 All Clean is a butyl free industrial grade cl eaner and degreaser. 1050 All Clean is the perfect product to use in an industrial setting where high levels of dirt, grime and grease accumulate, but where butyl based products are not acceptable. 1050 All Clean will cl ean most any surface in a hurry!

HBJ: A water soluble, concentrated, heavy duty cleaner and degreaser, which was designed using butyl, phosphates and other extremely strong cleaners. In the facility that is tough to keep clean HBJ is the perfect product. HBJ is the ideal product for extreme dirt and grime.

NATURE CLEAN (Ford Tox# 039768): A fast acting, concentrated cleaner that is derived from natural orange peel extract. It is especially effective for cleaning transmission fluid, heavy oils, tire marks, exhaust fans and hoods, stove tops, formica, ceramic surfaces, walls, floors, metal fixtures, and white wall tires. Removes crayon marks, lipstick, smoke film, heel and pencil marks.

ALS 935:< /strong> ALS 935 is a unique cleaner that has been specially designed to protect against corrosion of Aluminum and other metals. It was designed for the special facility that works with aluminum and other sensitive metals where any corrosion causing chemical is a concern. ALS can be used in steam cleaners, mop buckets, auto scrubbers, pressure washers and even as a water based parts cleaner.

TOTAL CLEAN 2000: Total Clean 2000 was designed without EDTA specifically for metal finishing facilities. Some metal finishing facilities need a special cleaner that is free of all EDTA but can still clean the toughest dirt, for these facilities Total Clean 2000 is the answer.

GREASE KLEEN 139: Grease Kleen 139 is the perfect cationic based cleaner for facilities with particularly tough grease. When you need to emulsify the toughest grease and oils, you need Grease Kleen 139.